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Open Doors Milwaukee

My friend Betsy and I decided to tour a few buildings in September for Open Doors Milwaukee. Open Doors Milwaukee is a really unique event where these old, classical and historical buildings all over Milwaukee […]

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Northern Georgia in December

There are so many benefits to going south in the winter. I love the outdoors and I love being outside. In the late fall, this can grow increasingly difficult. The weather gets cold and snow […]

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Comerica Park and a life-long love of baseball

When I add more words and more words to this blog, as I have shown so far, I will mostly be chatting about photography. And, for good reason. I love taking photos! I love talking […]

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Humboldt River

    Here is the Humboldt River in Elko during sunset. We have a footbridge next to our house. Normally, the Humboldt doesn’t offer much of a sight since it barely has running water most […]

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Shootin’ Hoops

In the spirit of March Madness and the Final Four on Saturday, I decided to share a photo of the basketball hoop I grew up with as a farmer’s kid in Eastern Montana. I remember […]

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Up close and personal

I took this photo last fall when I got an incredible opportunity to hike up the Goshute Mountain south of West Wendover, Nevada. I met up with some people involved with a Migration Project. Although […]

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