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My favorite portrait lens

This was my first wedding I ever shot in Port Washington, Wisconsin and I can take away so many great moments from this day and the excellent time I was able to spend with the […]

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Wedding Ring Reflection Magic

One of the staples of every wedding photography day is photographing the rings. The rings are so small, but let’s be honest … they are incredibly important. They’re also one of those things that give […]

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Building a Ring Light for Portrait Photography

Here is a full-blown confession of mine. Photography isn’t just what I do when I strap a camera around my neck and snap away at fascinating people and awe-inspiring scenes. Yes I do that in […]

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Working a scene

If you ever happen to stumble upon a professional photographer on a job, they’re usually in constant motion. They might be standing on a chair or laying on the ground or might be constantly moving […]

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Walking down the aisle

I’ve always heard you don’t remember much you learn in college. You forget much of what your professors say and what was written in those oh-so-expensive books you buy every semester. However, I still remember […]

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