Featured Seniors

Rachel (Greenfield High School)

Rachel loves water, books and more water! We went to the Falls in Menomonee Falls and then Menomonee Park. 

James (Roswell High School)

James is a sharp dresser who loves fishing and wanted to take his pictures around some of his favorite fishing spots in Roswell. We also took photos along a river where he recently had a kayaking trip with his mom.

Georgia (Shorewood High School)

I loved Georgia’s style, a blend of modern and 60s that really emphasized outdoor life with a little flair. I also found a vintage chair to bring along with our shoot so I could set it up in the middle of a field out in Lapham Peak State Park. We met up two different days so we could also take photos at the Third Ward in Milwaukee.

Ethan (Mequon High School)

Ethan is a great basketball player at Mequon, so taking photos around the new Bucks arena (Fiserv Forum) was a natural choice. He also just loved the high rises so anything that showed off the Milwaukee skyline was something he loved. 

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