Senior Portraits

Jake Senior Photos

Meet Jake, a senior at Shorewood, and I wandered around the third ward and downtown Milwaukee taking senior photos along the way. We found a bunch of fun places to take photographs and Jake was game for all of them!

Ginger Senior Photos

Meet Ginger, an outdoorsy horse-riding cowgirl from Eagle, Wisconsin. We decided to take photos at her family’s farm, in order to showcase the natural beauty of summer in Wisconsin and she could ride her horses close at hand. The farm setting gave us so many rustic old-timey shots, which went perfectly with her cowboy boots and jeans. Once we added in the horse we were able to capture some really artistic shots, that gave us the sweet look of just an American girl and her horse. For her second outfit, she chose a white summer dress and for that we used their backyard with a small stone wall for the background and fallen leaves for a fun element to throw up in the air. She also walked the horse around and used the corrals and fences as frames. They all turned out to be photos that showed off the wonderful country and small-town vibe of Wisconsin!


Haley Senior Photos

Meet Haley, an energetic and fun-loving senior at Shorewood High School. Haley was a lot of fun! She loved to laugh and had a great time taking photos. We first met at South Shore Park in Milwaukee and for a second location made our way downtown near the Milwaukee River Walk. At South Shore Park we had just a beautiful natural background with either boulders, sand or water. My favorite shots from the whole shoot came when she took off her sandals and strolled and splashed on the edge of Lake Michigan. Then when we changed locations, the pictures took on a decidedly urban flair, which worked perfectly with several of her outfits that had a hat and coat. I absolutely loved the uniqueness of the shots we took on a fire escape, especially shooting from below and letting the steps frame her arms and face. From here on out, I will always suggest seniors to get their photos taken downtown and South Shore Park!

Ruby Senior Photos

Meet Ruby, a stylish and quiet senior at Shorewood High School. I met up with her and her mother to take photos at the Saint Francis Seminary to take her senior photos. Along with the gorgeous buildings that provided a down to earth mostly brick background, she loved the natural aspect to the place. There was a path that leads to the woods where we found a bridge and stone steps. She had several outfits, including a white dress, which provided a great contrast to the natural scene. She also had a flannel and a cowboy boot outfit, which showed off a more down-to-earth side of her. As we started shooting, we quickly realized and were notified that we needed permission to shoot at the seminary. The officials were quite nice about it, but next time I’ll make sure and grab a pass before beginning a photo shoot!