The ideal is to meet couples through people you either know or have worked with in the past and in this case I met Nedda through her older sister, Janan, who is a good friend of mine through church. Knowing Janan so well, this was a wedding where I worked really closely with her whole family especially her mom. I just enjoy anytime I can work closely with people I’ve already known and appreciate, long before the wedding day. In this day Tim and Nedda were married at Fountain Park United Methodist Church in Sheboygan with portraits at Blue Harbor Resort and the reception the Berkshire Event Venue. 

I know every wedding is unique in small ways, but this wedding was truly unique in some big ways, especially at the reception where Tim and Nedda instead of doing a first dance did a first choreographed sword fight and had a specially designed fantasy wedding cake that cost more than a lot of wedding dresses. 

Ceremony: Fountain Park United Methodist Church

Portraits: Blue Harbor Resort

Reception: Berkshire Event Venue

DJ: Spring City Sound

Videographer: Pierce Ellner

Cake: Eat Cake Milwaukee

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