Nate and Lindsey were so much fun! They were silly and goofy and were always doing something to make each other laugh and to make everyone around them happy. I knew I was in store for a hilarious ride when I asked Nate to dip Lindsey during our first portraits and he did and then Lindsey confidently replied, “now, I’ll dip Nate.” They also kissed the officiator at the end of their ceremony, their friend Mike and they spent much time “frolicking” through the fields. This was a couple that definitely left an impression on me and I loved hanging out with them.

Venue: Lussier Family Heritage Center

Cake: Blue Plate Catering

DJ: Madcap Milwaukee

Rings: Brockhaus Jewelry

Dress: Sister Jenny’s Wedding Dress

Coordinator: Linda Mittnacht, from Lussier

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