Brianna is a friend of mine and we’ve done several shoots in the past. She’s aiming to be an influencer on social media and I love experimenting with portraits and trying new and more creative things all the time. This time we ran to an old favorite portrait spot of mine, which is the Oak Leaf Trail walking bridge, which crosses the Milwaukee River in Riverwest and the Swing Park. 

Katrina Kozar

Katrina Kozar is a fun-loving chef from Milwaukee. She’s a Wisconsinite through and through and she makes incredibly tasty dishes. In 2015 she was selected as one of the home cooks to compete on MasterChef and she finished fifth, beating out 35 other contestants and the other thousands that entered, but weren’t selected!! Here’s her fan page on Fox and here’s her website where you can find more about her cooking and buy some of her specialty mustards! Katrina Kozar

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I met Jane through a mutual friend. She was looking for some new portraits and fortunately for me, she invited me into her home in Brookfield and we were able to get quite a few wonderful shots in both her garden and her inside living room. She had a wonderful decor, which gave those inside shots a perfect business working atmosphere, a professional photo she was able to include for her business ventures. Good luck Jane!

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