Places to be

Bennett Spring State Park

In May I traveled to visit one of my good friends in Texas and also to watch some baseball along the way. I have a goal to visit all 30 MLB parks before I die and so I hit up both the Texas Rangers stadium in Arlington and the Houston Astros Dome. Since I was passing through Missouri, I also went to the Cardinals game and on the way back did some hiking near the route. I mostly just wanted to get out of the car for a bit, but I found a nice 8 mile trail that led to a natural tunnel where I took some pictures. I really liked what I got here, since some of the images are just bizarre. I used the reflections in the water to create some really, almost trippy, nature photography. Look for yourself!



Before the Superbowl I got the chance to wander the streets of Madison. Not knowing where I was gonna go, I headed straight to the heart of Madison, starting at the Capitol Building, then heading to State Street and then from there wandered on to the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. My favorite scenes were of college students playing hockey on the frozen lake and the sun setting behind downtown.



Milwaukee Photography

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a place full of happy-go-lucky welcoming midwesterners and is where the streets are literally full of cheese (this year, in the Bay View neighborhood the city began using cheese brine and salt to ice the streets during winter). It’s also a beautiful city with great parks framing Lake Michigan and fascinating architecture around every corner.