Kayla and Jason

Sometimes, I meet a couple and immediately want them to be my best friends. Kayla and Jason were definitely one of those couples.  First off, they both share my love of the outdoors. And, they’re […]

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Ethan Senior Pictures

Milwaukee seems to be under a constant state of new construction, especially the downtown area. The developments are an awesome sight for anyone that calls Milwaukee home. The city is growing! Like a lot of […]

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Georgia Senior Portraits

Georgia is in her senior year at Shorewood High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was looking to get her high school senior portraits done and wanted something unique for her final year of school. Right […]

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Josie (Senior Photos)

I first met Josie over at a coffee shop on Capitol in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin with her mom. She was a senior at Wauwatosa West High School and ready to get her senior pictures taken. For […]

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Aimlessly Wandering

A few weeks ago when the Milwaukee world was already plenty cold, but without snow on the ground I went out shooting with my friend John. We met this summer at Sprocket Cafe in Bay […]

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Open Doors Milwaukee

My friend Betsy and I decided to tour a few buildings in September for Open Doors Milwaukee. Open Doors Milwaukee is a really unique event where these old, classical and historical buildings all over Milwaukee […]

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My favorite portrait lens

This was my first wedding I ever shot in Port Washington, Wisconsin and I can take away so many great moments from this day and the excellent time I was able to spend with the […]

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Northern Georgia in December

There are so many benefits to going south in the winter. I love the outdoors and I love being outside. In the late fall, this can grow increasingly difficult. The weather gets cold and snow […]

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Waterfalls and Christmas Cards

It’s becoming an annual family tradition that when I go visit my sisters’ families in Atlanta during Thanksgiving and Christmas we go on some sort of hike. And, now the tradition has been not only […]

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Natalie and Ben

Let me get one thing straight. This wasn’t a theme wedding. When I think of theme weddings, I usually think of something the bride and groom specifically created non-organically and involved the guests and decorations. […]

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