Haley Senior Photos

Meet Haley.

Haley is the high school senior that you can’t wait to sign up for their high school senior portraits.

She’s bubbly, enjoys having fun and brings a whole ton of energy to the photo shoot.

Some clients need coaxing and help to relax, which is vital to get great photos out of them.

But, that’s not Haley at all.

She was immediately at ease getting her photo taken and it resulted in some amazing photographs from the very first moment I clicked the shutter.

We met up at South Shore Park in Bay View to start the photo session. It’s on the shores of Lake Michigan and gives us a chance to get more of a summery outdoor blend of a backdrop. We walked along the beach and out on a pier and out on some large rocks.

I grabbed some shots with the sky in the background, yachts sailing along the lake and also the whole city behind her.

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One of my favorite shots came with her just walking straight along the shoreline. I asked her to hold her sandals over her shoulder with her hand nearest to the beach and hang the other hand loosely by her side and then try it again with the other hand grabbing at the water, splashing it up in the air.

It just created this carefree scene, as if she was just out for a stroll and having fun and looked completely at ease. And, in the far background you can see the faint outline of downtown Milwaukee.

I’ve used this very photo as my main profile picture on my Facebook page for years.

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On the other side, several of the rock photos were pretty blah, which I noticed after I pulled them up on my computer and started editing them.

It was just a location that didn’t necessarily fit exactly with Haley’s look and personality. The rocks were large, hard and uninviting and Haley is more bubbly, friendly and colorful.

I did, however, get some amazing closeups which exactly showcased Haley’s personality.

She was laughing, smiling in a carefree, and just being genuine in the closeups. The laughing in particular, can be very unique to clients. With other clients, who are not quite as carefree and more reserved, I’ve even asked them to throw their heads back and pretend to laugh. In real life, it can be awkward, but for the actual photos it looks very natural and genuine. The smiles and laughs that result from it can really make the whole shoot.

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Haley did a couple wardrobe changes at South Shore Park and after another one, she switched to a red shirt and shorts and we finished up at that location with a couple easy and relaxing shots with her just sitting on the end of a wooden boardwalk/pier that led out on to Lake Michigan.

We spent a little more than an hour at South Shore Park and then drove downtown, where we were going to shoot the rest of the day against an urban decay background.

We drove to the heart of downtown Milwaukee and to the Milwaukee RiverWalk.

I had scouted out the location beforehand and I stumbled upon this absolutely perfect location to shoot senior portraits, which was a metal staircase leading up to a patio and the walls on the buildings were these beautiful decaying red brick material.

My absolute favorite shot of this scene was asking Haley to sit on the staircase and look through the stairs down at me as I shot from the other side. It framed her in such a beautiful way. It probably wasn’t one of those shots that would be anyone’s favorite except mine, but it was mine most assuredly.


We finished the day taking a few more shots along the RiverWalk with Haley sitting on benches and walking out on to more piers.

It was a great shoot with a great client and it gave me some amazing shots to show seniors in the future.

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