Josh and Danielle Engagement

Josh and Danielle, wow, literally some of my favorite people in Milwaukee!

To be fair, I actually count them as friends, not as clients.

I play softball with Josh and go to Brew City Church with both of them. They’ve been over to my house and I’ve been to theirs.

So I admit to a certain level of bias, OK a lot of bias.

But, these two people are amazing people. They’re both teachers at Milwaukee Public Schools, so they’re both dedicated to helping people, sometimes in difficult situations.

They’re both honest. They’re both genuine and they’re both hilarious… all the time hilarious!

This photoshoot was in two locations. It was also an outdoor winter shoot, which was a first for me, but it was a great opportunity for Danielle to accessorize and even Josh to accessorize with a couple different winter hats and coats.

We started off at Whitnall Park, which is south of Milwaukee in Hales Corners and Franklin. It’s an enormous park and we only hung out in a corner of it.

At first we walked along a path to a waterfall area. It was an icy path, so we had to tread extra carefully and when we got to the waterfall, we didn’t actually use it as a backdrop, because it was mostly just looked like a lot of ice and had people running all over it and around it.

So instead, we focused on a park bench and walking up and down a path and then shooting with a wide frozen-over lake as a background.

The lake just whitened-out the background, basically almost giving us a studio-looking background, especially for the closeups.

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I started out having Josh and Danielle sit on the park bench where they sat holding on to each other and then wrapping themselves up in Danielle’s enormous scarf and then eventually wrapping themselves up in a blanket I brought along to the shoot.

Those pictures were a great way to get them comfortable and just start the feeling-out process for the rest of the shoot.

Once I had them start walking along the path, then the real fun began.

That was mostly when I asked if Josh could give Danielle a piggy-back ride and they were all about it.

Like I said, they’re fun people and there was one shot in particular with both of them smiling with these giant fun-filled smiles and they’re walking down the path with Danielle on Josh’s back and the background is just a little bit faded.

It’s a great photo and once I posted it to Facebook, both of them made it their profile picture and it got hundreds of likes!

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After a bit, I started taking closeups of them with the lake background and I got quite a few great shots.

There was one in particular of Josh standing behind Danielle with his arms wrapped around her and he’s just leaning in to her and just smiling with a ton of joy and she’s doing the same. It looks great in black and white and they both just look so blissfully happy.

Getting some great closeups are key to a lot of portrait sessions, because you can really rattle them off very quickly and get some really artistic shots. Have her stand behind him, have him stand behind her, arms and hands here and arms and hands there.

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After awhile, we headed out from the park and traveled to the Urban Ecology Center-Riverside Park, which is in the Riverwest area of Milwaukee.

This place will be very special for Josh and Danielle, because it’s their wedding venue and they really wanted to take a few portraits there because of that significance.

I was more than happy to oblige!

They also brought their dog to this portion of the shoot, so we headed to the bridge that connected us to the park and the center and grabbed some great shots with them walking their puppy and also a few without their puppy.

I also took the opportunity to grab a unique shot of Danielle holding a bunch of snow in her hands and the engagement ring in the snow. It was a fun little shot and it turned out amazing. My favorite shot, however, was one of Danielle facing Josh with her hands on his face and leaning her face into his.

It was a perfect intimate moment, and it was a great way to end the shoot!

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