Maggie and Troney Engagement

Oh, Maggie and Troney are some of my favorite people, ever!

I met them one cold day in a coffee shop in Wauwatosa after they had contacted me about shooting their wedding and engagement photos and was quickly found myself immediately enjoying their company, their style and their down-to-earth personalities.

Troney, in particular, made me into a fan with his love for photography and especially his love for getting their photos taken and his excitement about what we could accomplish and try to capture for the engagement shoot.

One of the first questions I ask any couple to get to know them a little bit better is the story of how they met, fell in love and became engaged.

Maggie and Troney’s story mirrored the engagement shoot, because they wanted to take the pictures near the same spot they met, which was in the historical Brady Street on the Eastside of Milwaukee.

Technically, this wasn’t the first time they actually met. Troney works for the Boys and Girls Club in Milwaukee and Maggie had volunteered as a helper. That was where they met, but eventually they became disconnected and had not seen each other for awhile.

That is, until Troney walked into a bar one night on Brady Street and saw Maggie there with a bunch of her friends. They talked and the rest is history (sorry for the cliche).

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The bar itself was bought out and didn’t exist anymore by the time we did the engagement pictures, but they and me still loved the idea of walking up and down Brady Street to take the engagement pictures.

Brady Street is iconic in Milwaukee. Everyone knows it, because it’s a beautiful walking district located on the Eastside with all sorts of small and unique shops. If you go there on a weekend, you’ll know because the streets will be jammed full of people.

Because of this, we went in the perfect time, which was early morning on Sunday before the streets became overcrowded. We were able to have most of the area to ourself and didn’t have to worry about people ducking in and out of photos.

With this being my first shoot on Brady Street, I walked up and down it several times before the actual photo day to get acquainted with the area and begin planning out spots and backdrops.

It was quite easy work, because everything had a certain urban charm and I had no problem finding scenic spots.

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The other unique thing about this shoot was that Maggie and Troney brought Troney’s two young children with them, so they could turn the engagement shoot also into a family shoot.

Some of my first shots of the day turned into my favorite shots, because the first place I took Maggie and Troney was into an alleyway and I asked them to all cram in side by side and shot down these colorful walls and lighting was perfect and it turned into a gorgeous shot.

I did the same thing for the whole family and for a couple portraits just of Maggie and Troney being romantic and hugging the wall. It was a beautiful shot and some that I feel very comfortable showing off as examples of my best engagement photos.

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A fun idea that we were able to pull off, which Troney mentioned in our initial meeting was that he wanted to set up three shots in a row, combining them online and say the words on top of the individual shots that say “first comes a chance meeting, and then comes love and then comes marriage.”

We were able to do that easily and my favorite was a shot of Troney looking up at Maggie who was standing on a short porch and she was just laughing at how funny Troney was acting. Both Troney and Maggie had such beautiful personalities and they played off each other in a beautiful way to photograph.

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A couple other ones that I wanted to mention was a shot of the back of Troney’s head and all you could see were Maggie’s hands curled around the back of it and the striking shapes and simplicity of it all made it a perfect black and white photo.

I also took a couple shots with Scrabble letters I had brought with them holding the words ‘forever and always’ and the word ‘love’. Simple and kind of fun to have as an easy prop to bring on photo shoots, although as I’ve developed, my style has more or less gone away from it.

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