Wedding Ring Reflection Magic

One of the staples of every wedding photography day is photographing the rings.

The rings are so small, but let’s be honest … they are incredibly important.

They’re also one of those things that give us quite a battle and sometimes get the best of us.

I’ve shot ring shots over and over again and sometimes leave the time scratching my head thinking, how do I get this to actually work the way I want to!?!

Well, there are many different techniques, techniques I’ve studied and brought to my ever-growing knowledge of weddings, but for this blog really I just wanted to talk about one of my success stories!

These shots took place at a wedding in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in 2015.

At that wedding I had arrived early enough and was waiting for the bride and groom to become available for photos so, I had plenty of time before the actual wedding.

With the extra time, I took my time to shoot the rings. In this case I felt like I really got the best and most elegant ring shot I’ve ever gotten at a wedding.

In the past I’ve incorporated shoes or the bouquet or so on and so forth, trying find cute ways to add elements to the rings. For example, at this wedding I saw Natalie and Ben really enjoyed salvaging these old, cool looking objects. Things you might find at a flea market or a garage sale and then you can incorporate that into a new-modern meets salvaged object.

So, one of these objects was an old-looking lemonade clock with wire hands, so I put the rings on the metal hands and took some pictures. I do stuff like this all the time, but the new idea that happened with Natalie was something else.

I started off with the rings in the living room where Natalie was getting ready and like most weddings there was a lot of wedding clutter in this room and a lot of people so it was going to be hard to create a clean simple background to make the rings pop.

But, what I did notice was that above Natalie’s head as she was getting her makeup done was a chandelier with a ring of light bulbs. As a photographer you really pay attention to lights, so those lights were creating really interesting looks.

Well, I couldn’t very well suspend the rings in midair to take a shot with these lights in the background, but what I did see was a plain mirror with a black border. So, I took the mirror, wiped it down and put it on the table below the lights.

After placing the rings on it, I was able to reflect the out-of-focus lights on the mirror and create, really a super-intriguing image of the rings.

Here’s how they all came out. I included a couple other scenes that I set up.


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