Sarah and Isaiah Engagement

When you meet with a couple or an individual for the first time for a photo session, there can be so many unknowns about how there personalities and yours will mesh.

It’s so important to quickly make that connection and put them at ease, because you can see any discomfort and forced smiles in the pictures.

Even a photo that is not technical a masterpiece will shine if the person behind the photo is comfortable, having fun and really enjoying the process.

Sometimes that connection can be a challenge and you can see in the pictures that it took awhile for the subjects to be entirely comfortable. Other times, the subjects are naturals and their expressions look beautiful and relaxed.

This engagement was definitely the latter case as Sarah and Isaiah were absolutely thrilled and excited to get their engagement portraits shot. They were up for anything and had no problems with me making them jump through hoop and hoop with all of my crazy posing ideas.

Half the time I do a session, the couple or person actually tires out before the agreed upon end time and I actually leave with a few more poses and ideas left in the bank.

That wasn’t Sarah and Isaiah. They executed every single idea and we were able to shoot every single photo idea I had and even going 15 minutes over time, because we were having so much fun!

We met in early November at the Menomonee River Parkway, which was right where Sarah grew up and was a park she was incredibly familiar with and loved.

By November, the vibrant colors of the fall had turned a little more muted, but they were definitely still alive and we were able to grab all of it we could.

The most spectacular colors of the day came on the ground. Right in the main park, in an open grassy area there was a wide swath of yellow leaves that provided a beautifully neat backdrop for photos that I took higher up and looked downward with a down angle.

It was incredibly unique and I loved those pictures.


By the same area was a large tree and Sarah on her own fruition climbed the tree and hung down from a large limb, kissing Isaiah and holding his hand. With the sun at her back, I was able to get some amazing silhouette shots of her and Isaiah.

From there we walked further into the park, which for those of you not familiar with the Wauwatosa area, is basically a long park sitting next to the Menomonee River, so we followed the river, walking down dirt paths and over rock bridges and alongside a rocky shoreline, taking photos all along the way.

It was great scenery after great scenery.


More than an hour in, we hopped back in our cars and traveled further south alongside the river where a large stone bridge passed completely over the river. The way it was created, it looked like a bridge that belonged more in the Lord of the Rings movies than in our modern times, but we happily took more portraits in and around the area.

We even went down near the bottom of the river to take even more pictures and this time the rocks weren’t just small pebbles, but actual boulders that Sarah and Isaiah were able to sit on and create romantic looking shots.

My favorite image was at the end of the day, where I had them stand still facing away from me and simple hold their hands together down at the side of their bodies.

Sarah had her hand slightly open and it was just a perfect capture that just showed the hand holding, but truly showed everything you needed to see about the way they loved each other.



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