Maggie and Troney

This was an absolute pleasure of a wedding to photograph.

I had previously worked with Troney and Maggie during the engagement photos and I really think that the previous relationship shone through during the actual wedding.

Of course, there were also some different elements that really made this wedding amazing.

First off, Maggie decided to get ready at the Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee and that hotel is absolutely gorgeous. It almost reminds me of this modern gothic style with a splash of motorcycle love.

The actual room that Maggie was in, was just perfect for photographs. There was such a dark sheik look to everyone that made it a simple, stunning and bold background for bridal portraits and photos of the shoes, the dress and rings.

Most of my photos I took in front of the window, which gave me an intense backlight that really shone through the dress and shimmered the edges of the bride. I took just as much with Maggie just sitting on the bed in various poses, because the bed had a great and epic headboard.

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It was obviously a well-used choice for wedding venues, because on that same day there were three other wedding people either getting ready at the hotel like Maggie or actually getting married there. When we got into the elevator we met up with another wedding photographer with another couple.

Of course, what really made the Iron Horse Hotel and taking photos there amazing, was that before the big day I had called up the hotel and asked them whether we could get on the roof. After getting transferred to the right person, we were granted access as long as we signed a waiver of liability.

They also wanted to have a hotel worker accompany us to the roof, because there was only a ladder that went through a hole in the roof and that was the only way up or down. Maggie was incredible for even trying that climb!

The reason we wanted to get up on the roof at all, was so we could do the first look there. I’m always excited when a couple wants to do a first look, because I feel like there is just so many beautiful moments that occur when the groom sees his bride in the wedding dress for the first time.

In this case, Troney was absolutely taken aback and you could just see on his face, how beautiful he thought his bride-to-be was looking and Maggie in turn was just basking in the moment.

I loved shooting photos of Troney and Maggie for this reason, because Troney was an absolute showman. He grabbed Maggie’s hand with a big ‘wow’ on his face and turned in a slow circle and then hugged and kissed her.

We continued taking couple portraits on the roof for the next half hour, because why not? We had the whole city to serve as a background and it was just a beautiful day with scattered clouds coming out every once in a while to give us a nice soft light for portraits but to also give us a bright blue sky.

A favorite moment of mine was when I told Maggie and Troney to wave their outside arms while holding hands and I just loved this photo, because of how excited Troney was to follow directions. This made Maggie laugh hilariously and that made a great photo.

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After portraits we headed downstairs and took off to go to the actual wedding ceremony.

The ceremony itself was beautiful and unique in a couple ways I didn’t expect. The big thing was the officiator, who brought in a couple quirks to a traditional way of doing ceremonies that I didn’t expect. He brought in two different traditions from different parts of the world.

The one I remember most and was truly beautiful to photograph and see was that he brought Maggie and Troney’s hands together and then began to tie them together with a rope. It was a loose tying together, but the symbology was beautiful where you could literally see them now becoming one person and joining together forever.

He also showed a hand gesture, which meant certain things about marriage in other cultures and got all of the guests to follow along with their own hands. He was the most unique and engaging officiator I’ve seen and he was a judge!

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Maggie and Troney had a small wedding party with only them and Troney’s son and daughter standing up front. Troney’s son was a little bit younger and more quiet during the day, but standing up front he had a huge smile on his face, which I was more than happy to capture with my camera 🙂

The ceremony was at Fox Brook Park out in Brookfield and with the location, the couple were getting married outside of a large hall that was situated next to a lake. Therefore, when I shot from the view of the guests, I could frame Maggie and Troney with the beautiful backdrop of the lake and park. This worked perfectly for the kiss when the officiator moved out of the shot and I got to frame them just by themselves! I couldn’t choose just one shot, I loved them all.

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After the ceremony we took formal portraits of various special guests with the couple with the same lake backdrop and then moved on to the reception.

One thing that was very important to Maggie and Troney was getting pictures of all of the people helping out with the wedding, people usually in the background and not seen. So, I made sure to get pictures of all the servers to Maggie and Troney’s multi-international food dish bar.

The night finished with dancing, and the men of the wedding really carried the night away with spectacular and oftentimes outrageous dancing. It was so much fun photographing all of the craziness!

I wish Troney and Maggie all the happiness in the first stage of the rest of their lives … together!!151

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