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More than a year ago I met Katrina through a mutual friend in Milwaukee. We met up one day to celebrate a love we both shared for in disc golf.

Katrina was an avid disc golfer, acting as a member of several different leagues and having wona lot of past tournaments. I can’t remember for sure, but in my mind she was a professional disc golfer at one time or another. i, on the other hand, just love disc golf from an amateur and hobbyist level.

From there on, we hung out on occasion. I, of course, knew she loved disc golf, but I didn’t know she also had another hobby that she excelled at: cooking.

It turns out that she was an amazing home cook and late last year she was cast on MasterChef as one of 40 other home cooks to compete against each other on a TV show on Fox, made by and judged by the famous Chef Gordon Ramsey!

All of us were amazed as she flew off to LA to compete in the show and we could only assume she was doing well by how long she stayed in LA before coming back home. Once she did return home, she immediately started working on her dream to become a chef, which kickstarted with her capitalizing on her MasterChef success.

That started off with new portraits that she needed for publicity and her own 19.Id_13501website business. We met up downtown and she wanted to take a wide array of photos, showing off her fun side and her vintage ‘Katrina’ look which she brought to the show.

Since we were already friends and had this past connection, the portraits went great! We met in the Third Ward in Milwaukee at the Pritzlaff Building. It’s an intriguing building with gorgeous wide rooms combined with a modern simple look that makes it a popular venue for high-end events and weddings.

She brought a couple different clothing changes and a lot of fun cooking props.

We stayed downstairs to make use of the wood-finished walls, vast windows and pillars.
7.Id_13485They even had a moveable counter, which we wheeled out of the corner and used to show Katrina pouring a beer and toasting it to the camera. There is nothing more Milwaukee than that!

Other than that, we took several shots of Katrina standing by the wall/window where I could shoot down the side of the wall/window and get that great repeating surface. We also were able to achieve that nice soft refracted light pouring into the windows, highlighting 15.Id_13496half her face and simultaneously providing a nice contrast of shadows on the far side of her face. It’s a really good and classic portrait technique.

My favorite photos though were of her standing in front of the windows and using a reflector to add some light to her face, but also have that interesting highlighted background. I love doing this, because a subject isn’t staring into the light squinting at the camera and you get perfect even lighting on their face. Also, the background becomes way more interesting.

After that, Katrina and her fun-loving nature made the portraits!

If you want to read up more on Katrina visit her website at http://www.katrinakozar.com/ or see clips of her TV experience at http://www.fox.com/masterchef/contestant/katrina-kozar.

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