Elle and Ryan

I first started to get an idea that Elle and Ryan may be a really fun couple when Elle, who loves winter, said on an email that the cold never bothered her anyhow, quoting Frozen. Once I met them, I realized it was true, Elle and Ryan are both super fun, outgoing, happy go lucky people with great sense of humors. They are also as adventurous as all get out. We trampled through the snow, Elle climbed a tree and they made a snow storm a walk in the park. It was a perfect engagement shoot.

Joy and Tyler

I love people who are either a little bit sassy and just don’t take themselves too seriously. Joy and Tyler are two people like this. They’re confident, but humble and have great senses of humor. They were also easily the most communicative couple I’ve ever had. Part of that reason, is because for a living they put on events such as weddings or business get togethers or whatever people do when they get together in large groups. So, Joy and Tyler brought both their professionalism and their laughter to this engagement shoot at Lake Park in Milwaukee and the Urban Ecology Center, Riverside Park.

Meghan and Chauncey

The thing I’ll remember the most of Meghan and Chauncey are their two adorable children who were hands down the best children to photograph ever. Their attention and patience for getting their portrait taken will always be unmatched. It helped us get some amazing family photos, especially one of my favorite pictures which was under a tree that had these amazing cherry colored flowers blossoming and just gave the photo such a dynamic color scheme. 

Megan and James

The world needs more couples like Megan and James. These two high school sweethearts were just finishing up college when I met them. James was graduating in justice and Megan is a teacher and they were absolute troopers during our two day engagement shoot. The first day was absolutely terrible weather. We ruined three umbrellas, the rain was whipping around us so much. To this date, it’s still by far the worst weather I’ve ever shot in. Our second day was a little cooler, but still was better since it wasn’t near as windy and wasn’t raining. We shot downtown in the RiverWalk and then Lake Shore State Park and ended in the Third Ward.

Katy and Matt

I loved working with these two classy people. Not only was their sweet lovely romance beautiful, but our engagement session worked out perfectly. We took photos at the Richfield Nature Preserve, which if you photo buffs know is a very popular spot for all portraits in that area of Wisconsin. But, there was good reason for it. I went there a day or two before and scouted out some beautiful light and we really got some beautiful light shining through the trees. I’m proud of myself for finding a spot that I hadn’t seen other photographers exploring and it worked out wonderfully.

Janan and Nolan

I had gotten to know Janan and Nolan a few months before our shoot and as we became close friends they told me how much that they really wanted to take photos for their 1-year anniversary. After a bit of brainstorming and a few meetings they had told me that what they really wanted was a day in the life type of shoot. Yes, we ended up going to Sheboygan and Kohler Andrae, which has these amazing sand dunes and a beach, but we also took photos of them drinking coffee, eating dinner, playing guitar and knitting and reading books to each other in bed, things they do all the time without the cameras.

Nicole and Danny

This was an engagement shoot that was an once-in-the-lifetime affair. The conditions were just perfect. We got to Boerner Botanical Gardens early in the morning and it was sunny and the sprinklers were going out on the line, so we could get this beautiful hazy background caused by the sun shining through the water. It was crazy to think about that some of my favorite engagement photos ever may not have happened, because we were actually scheduled to shoot the engagement another day, but we postponed since it was rainy. So, glad we moved it to this perfect day.

Josh and Danielle 

It’s so incredible to think that this engagement shoot was the second time I had met Josh and Danielle. Considering how close we have become since. For their winter shoot, we first went to Whitnall Park in Greendale and Hales Corners, depending on what part of the park you’re in. It’s a huge park by the way! After walking some trails and getting snow pictures we then moved across town to the Urban Ecology Center, Riverside Park where the two plan to get married in the following year. They also picked up their dog, Nala for some family pictures.

Sarah and Isaiah 

Isaiah is one of those guys who is absolutely hilarious and tells the best stories. He met Sarah, because he was a waiter at Denny’s and Sarah and her friend would come in all the time to study. He thought he had no shot, but eventually they started dating and then became engaged. We shot their photos at Menomonee River Parkway in Wauwatosa. It was late in the Fall, but there was a field just full of fallen leaves that were all this uniform yellow color that was just surreal. I love the colors of these shots.


Maggie and Troney

For Maggie and Troney’s engagement pictures we spent the morning hanging out in the exact place where they first met: Brady Street. The iconic Milwaukee locale was the perfect location to get some great urban shots!


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